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CIPC Application Scheme

CIPC Application 

Chlorpropham (or CIPC) is an agrochemical which is widely used as a sprout suppressant on stored potatoes, particularly in the processing sector.


This independently audited standard will prove the professionalism of CIPC applicators, raising standards and providing customers with genuine assurances about the quality of service, safety and traceability of the operation, ensuring best practice for the use of CIPC as a potato sprout suppressant.


The NAAC scheme is designed to help those involved in CIPC application to put in place an operation which is tightly and safely controlled, ensuring:


  • Personnel are suitably skilled and qualified
  • Machinery is regularly and appropriately maintained and cleaned
  • CIPC storage and transport meet legal requirements
  • Emergency procedures are in place
  • Full traceability through record keeping
  • Hazards are identified and controlled


It will establish a framework of good and safe working practices, to be verified by NSF-CMi assessors, ensuring that the product is only applied by professional, qualified operators under strictly controlled conditions.


Applicators will only be certified if they can meet the appropriate standards and in addition to the NAAC’s CIPC Application Specific Standard, the applicator must also have been assessed against the NAAC Assured Land-Based Contractor (Generic) Standard in the current scheme year. Ideally, both audits will be carried out together. Certification cannot be granted without conformity with the generic and CIPC application standards.


The standard is endorsed by the Industry CIPC Stewardship Group


The scheme is open to NAAC members and non-members and the Association will provide NAAC contractors with the appropriate support and advice.


CIPC Applicators Group - Members of the CIPC Group have pledged to work to the latest best practice recommendations as laid out under the BE CIPC Compliant initiative. The Pledge document can be found HERE.


Best practice guidelines for the use of CIPC can be found HERE.



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