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Generic Standard

Generic Scheme

Assured Land Based Contractor - Generic Scheme

Quality control and traceability are essential elements of the assurance chain and the NAAC has taken a proactive role in establishing an independently audited quality standard for land-based contractors. This will be known as the Assured Land-Based Contractor Scheme. This scheme will assist in promoting professionalism amongst land-based contractors and will encourage high standards of safe working practices within the industry, ensuring that customers get the level of service they deserve. It will offer purchasers and consumers genuine assurance about the activity of contractors. Contractors will only be certified if they can meet the appropriate standards.

This generic base standard applies to all land-based contractors. It will operate in conjunction with sector-specific standards. Contractors should also carry out a review of procedures at a minimum interval of twelve months.

The scheme will establish a framework of good and safe working practices to be verified by independent external assessors that will enable members of the scheme to produce a high quality, traceable service to meet the requirements of any national quality assurance program.

All clauses of this standard are compulsory requirements of the scheme. They have to be met in full at all times for sites to be granted or to retain their certification.

Contractors must also comply with national law.

The scheme is open to NAAC members and non-members and the Association will provide contractors with the appropriate support and advice.


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