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Joining NAAC


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Annual Fee

All NAAC subscriptions are renewed annually on the date you joined, based on your turnover. Enter your turnover from contracting, and we will confirm the cost of your annual membership. Subscription fees can be paid by direct debit (complete and return form), by cheque or by BACS. You will be invoiced for your subscription fee once your application has been received.

Confirmation of Insurance

I hereby authorise the NAAC to contact my insurance broker/company to verify that I have the necessary minimum insurance cover to join the NAAC (see below). I undertake to notify the NAAC if these policies lapse or are cancelled.

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Renewal Date:

Minimum Standards of Insurance for NAAC Members

EMPLOYERS LIABILITY: The policy is to meet the requirements of the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969. The level of indemnity is £10 million.
PUBLIC LIABILITY/PRODUCTS LIABILITY: The policy must provide a limit of not less than £1 million in one claim or series of claims arising out of any one event, unlimited in any one period of insurance. The policy should provide an indemnity in respect of liability at law in accordance with an activity of the Insured as detailed below:

Activity of the insured:
1. Providing recommendation, advice, design and specification other than for a fee.
2. Work undertaken for a principal.
3. Work undertaken by an aerial spraying contractor on behalf of the insured.
4. Sale, supply, treating, manufacturing, compounding or processing of products.
5. Working on or treating of crops

Indemnity required for:
Bodily injury or damage to property including crops.
A principal for whom the Insured is carrying out work. Contingent liability for work undertaken on behalf of the Insured by an aerial spraying contractor. Bodily injury or damage to property caused by products sold, supplied, treated, manufactured or compounded (processed).
Cover to include damage to crops being treated or worked upon, and consequential loss arising from there.

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