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NAAC Transport Workshops 2017


Transport Workshops – UK Police Lead talks to NAAC


Would you like to listen to the policeman who is the lead for the UK on the use of agricultural machinery on the road and who is training UK police about agricultural transport?


This should be a fascinating presentation and lively discussion highlighting the concerns that the police face, many involving contractors, and what action they would like to be enforced. There has never been a better chance to get ahead and make sure you are road legal.


In addition, we are hoping to have a representative from the Department for Transport updating you on the tractor/trailer weights issue and our very own transport consultant, Mike Sumner will be running a Q&A to answer any outstanding questions your business may have.


Transport is a vital issue for our sector and as an organisation, we are trying to rectify the bad reputation that some contractors can give our industry.


The meeting will be open to members and non-members and if there is anyone you feel might benefit from attending please bring them along or let us have their details and we can make sure they are invited.


It will cost £25 per member and £35 per non-member plus vat, including lunch, the workshop and an afternoon tour of the host’s premises in the afternoon.


We are delighted that we will be hosting four workshops across the UK at venues generously supported by our Corporate Partners and a member of NAAC Executive Council:


New Holland, Basildon                                                                                                                  24th January 2017

Stuart Partners LTD (Volvo dealers and Ag Contractors), Nr Exeter                                           25th January 2017

John Deere Ripon Farm Services, Teesside                                                                               31st January 2017

JCB HQ, Stafford                                                                                                                           2nd February 2017


We will shortly be sending out full information but if you would like to secure your place please contact or call 01780 784631.




Louise Cox

12th October 2016

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