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What to look for in your contractor

A close relationship should be sought with your contractor, to ensure a professional relationship, sharing of information and teamwork to get work completed within the   necessary timescales (where possible with UK weather).


A number of issues should be considered:


  • Check your contractor has appropriate insurance for the specific operations (a mistake on a high value crop could be catastrophic).


  • Membership of the NAAC is an excellent way of ensuring that contractors are appropriately insured, with access to on-going training and updates


  • Check your contractor has all the necessary qualifications and training (eg  NRoSO membership if spraying, application qualifications etc)


  • Ensure the contractor is given full information about your land, including footpaths, watercourse and environmental risk areas, bio-security requirements and what action may be required


  • Warn your contractor of safety issues eg overhead power lines, hidden obstacles, dangerous terrain etc


  • ‚ÄčAgree on responsibility for supplying/purchasing inputs (eg spray, seed, fertiliser) and if necessary keep good communication links open between yourself, the agronomist and contractor


  • Designate who is disposing of all empty packaging and where washing and filling will take place if spraying.





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