Industry helps to Match-Make UK Shearers and Contractors

Industry helps to Match-Make UK Shearers and Contractors The UK sheep industry is facing a difficult shearing season, as the Covid-19 crisis makes it highly unlikely that the usual influx of highly skilled overseas shearers will be able to travel to the UK. It is vitally important, to safeguard the health and welfare of the […]

Coronavirus Guidance issued to Contractors

Coronavirus Guidance goes Public

The NAAC has made its Coronavirus Guidance public to try and keep the industry safe and contractors working in the current crisis.

Commenting, Jill Hewitt, Chef Executive said: “It is vital that the industry can work together and it is no longer appropriate to limit important information, as we also need farmers to read this guidance to try and keep themselves, staff and contractors safe in the current crisis”.

Agricultural contractors have a dual role in this emergency to keep everyone protected, whilst providing necessary operations to farmers in the essential provision of food for the nation. Over 90% of farmers use a contractor and many will not be able to manage without their services in coming months, for key operations such as drilling, spraying, mobile feed mixing and even sheep shearing.’

The guidance emphasises the need to work in partnership with farmers to take all necessary precautions, whilst avoiding direct contact wherever possible.

Whilst many farmers can remain ‘home-working’, contractors will need to move about, particularly following the desperately wet autumn, and it will be vital to many farmers that they can still access contractor’s specialist services and labour – particularly if farm staff need time off. It will be critical to share resources and work together to get crops in the ground and maintain high standards of animal welfare.


Notes for Editors

1. Formed in 1893, the NAAC is the representative organisation for agricultural and amenity contractors in the UK who supply all types of land-based services to farmers, government, local authorities, sports and recreational facilities.

2. For further information contact: Jill Hewitt, CEO at National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) Tel: 07889 511245,

Coronavirus Guidance

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NAAC Press Statement on Rebated Fuel

Amid reports that the Chancellor may remove rebated fuel next week in the budget, the NAAC has the following statement:

Agricultural contractors rely heavily on red diesel to supply essential farming operations to land managers and it is vital that this exemption is retained to maintain food production.

In times of huge uncertainty, alongside a wet autumn, the industry is already struggling with financial reserves and the removal of the lower fuel duty would be a devastating blow that could push many contracting businesses to fail. By almost doubling fuels costs this would potentially add hundreds of thousands of pounds of input costs each year which is currently unsustainable.

There is no commercial, alternative ‘green’ fuel to replace diesel in agricultural machinery, removing any choice for the industry to switch fuels.

Contractors are effectively farmers without land and they are now an integral and essential part of the vast majority of farm businesses.




NEW CEO to lead the Contractors

Jill Hewitt has been appointed to CEO of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC), following the retirement of Duncan Russell.

Jill has a wealth of previous experience having previously run the organisation from 2000-2013, before a family crisis forced her to step down. However, she remained active in the organisation, being retained as a consultant and leading the NAAC’s political and technical work in the interim.

Commenting Jill said, ‘I am delighted to be back at the helm of the NAAC at such a critical time for the land-based industry. With over 90% of farmers using a contractor it is vital that the NAAC is at the forefront of political negotiations to ensure that we are properly recognised in a post-Brexit era.

To make certain contractors have a bright future, we need the industry to be united and represent ourselves as professionals, demanding fair and equal treatment at Government level to allow us to invest in the new technology and innovation coming our way.

My aim is to retain a high political profile for the industry, whilst also making certain that members can rest easy at night, confident they have all the information and back-up they need to sustain a legally compliant, safe and professional business.’

Jill is a Fellow of the Institute of Agricultural Management and is a Churchill Scholar.