Assured Land-Based Contractor (ALBC) Scheme

The ALBC Scheme is an independently audited set of standards which aims to promote professionalism amongst land-based contractors and encourage high standards of working practice within the industry, ensuring that the customer gets the level of service they require.

Quality control and traceability are essential elements of the assurance chain and the NAAC has taken a proactive role in establishing an independently audited quality standard for land-based contractors. This scheme will assist in promoting and proving professionalism amongst land-based contractors and will encourage high standards of safe working practices within the industry.

It offers customers genuine assurance about the activity of contractors. Contractors will only be certified if they can meet the appropriate standards.

As a member of the Assured Land-Contractor scheme you will:

  • Prove your safe and professional working practices
  • Offer your customers genuine assurance about your contracting activities
  • Provide your farmer/customers with a fully traceable contracting service independently audited by NSF Certification
  • Know that your customers are getting the service that they require to meet industry assurance scheme standards, such as Red Tractor.

In modular format, the ALBC scheme consists of a Generic Standard which applies to ALL Contractors and includes standards for a professional business, for example:

  • Health and safety
  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance, personnel etc

For more information on the Generic scheme, click here.

Contractors are then audited against their specific sector standard(s):

The scheme is open to NAAC members and non-members and the Association will provide contractors with the appropriate support and advice.

To find out more or to organise an audit and become a professional ALBC contractor contact the NAAC

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