ALBC Mobile Feed Mixing and Processing Standard

Quality control and traceability are essential elements in the production of farm-processed feed and the NAAC has taken a proactive role in establishing an independently audited quality standard for mobile feed mixing and processing contractors.

This covers the quality of service which the contractor provides.

Mobile feed mixing and processing contractors are part of the on-farm feed mixing operation and contractors and their customers must co-operate to ensure that a safe, traceable feedstuff is produced to protect human and animal health. The Scheme offers purchasers and consumers genuine assurance about the activity of contractors. Contractors will only be certified if they can meet the appropriate standards.

In addition to the NAAC’s Mobile Feed Mixing and Processing Specific Standard, the contractor must also have been assessed against the NAAC Assured Land-Based Contractor (Generic) Standard in the current scheme year. Please note, certification cannot be granted without conformity with the generic and feed standards.

The NAAC scheme is designed to help contractors involved in the mixing and processing of complete feeds to identify the hazards and critical control points of the process. The scheme aims to help the person mixing feed to fully understand, and to be able to show full understanding of, the feed production process and the critical control points of that process.

These critical control points will include:

  • Ensuring that personnel involved in the mixing process are suitably skilled;
  • Ensuring that bought in feed materials are obtained from reputable, traceable sources and are free from harmful contamination;
  • Providing appropriate storage for raw materials;
  • Ensuring that mixing equipment is regularly and appropriately maintained and cleaned;
  • Ensuring that the correct proportion of ingredients is used in the mixing process and that the mixing operation produces a uniform mix;
  • Adopting production processes for feed on-farm, such as record keeping, which ensures full traceability;
  • Identifying and controlling hazards which might occur.

The scheme will establish a framework of good and safe working practices to be verified by independent external assessors that will enable members of the scheme to produce a safe, fully traceable feed to meet the requirements of national farm assurance schemes.

The scheme is open to NAAC members and non-members and the Association will provide contractors with the appropriate support and advice.


To find out more or to organise an audit and become a professional ALBC contractor contact the NAAC