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New Shearing Checklist for Shearers and Farmers during Covid-19

A new industry checklist has been produced to ensure that shearers, wool handlers and farmers in the UK work in partnership to keep everyone operating at safe distances, with practical measures being put in place to allow shearing to continue whilst protecting everyone’s safety. It will not be business as usual this year due to […]

Industry helps to Match-Make UK Shearers and Contractors

Industry helps to Match-Make UK Shearers and Contractors The UK sheep industry is facing a difficult shearing season, as the Covid-19 crisis makes it highly unlikely that the usual influx of highly skilled overseas shearers will be able to travel to the UK. It is vitally important, to safeguard the health and welfare of the […]

Coronavirus Guidance issued to Contractors

Coronavirus Guidance goes Public The NAAC has made its Coronavirus Guidance public to try and keep the industry safe and contractors working in the current crisis. Commenting, Jill Hewitt, Chef Executive said: “It is vital that the industry can work together and it is no longer appropriate to limit important information, as we also need farmers […]

NAAC Press Statement on Rebated Fuel

Amid reports that the Chancellor may remove rebated fuel next week in the budget, the NAAC has the following statement: Agricultural contractors rely heavily on red diesel to supply essential farming operations to land managers and it is vital that this exemption is retained to maintain food production. In times of huge uncertainty, alongside a […]

NEW CEO to lead the Contractors

Jill Hewitt has been appointed to CEO of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC), following the retirement of Duncan Russell. Jill has a wealth of previous experience having previously run the organisation from 2000-2013, before a family crisis forced her to step down. However, she remained active in the organisation, being retained as a […]

Land Drainage Contractors merge with the NAAC

The Land Drainage Contractors Association (LDCA) has merged with the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) to form a stronger political voice for land drainage contractors. Forming a new section of the NAAC, the contractors will reap the benefits of being part of a larger organisation, whilst retaining and consolidating their lobbying power.   Originally […]

UK Welcomes Overseas Sheep Shearers

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) is delighted to announce that international sheep shearers will be able to enter the UK this year, in a time-limited window, providing a vital source of professional and experienced staff to assist UK contractors in removing the wool of millions of sheep this summer.   A special Home […]

Seed Processors take responsible approach to Erucic acid

Press Release 11 January 2019   Seed Processors take responsible approach to Erucic acid   The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) mobile seed processors are taking a responsible approach to erucic acid testing in oil seed rape, continuing to encourage growers to test seed before farm saving. This comes after an NAAC pilot scheme […]

NAAC Annual General Meeting & Social Weekend

Calling all NAAC members! Join us for a fun, informative and social weekend in Shakespeare’s County 15th-17th February 2019. Full itinerary and prices can be obtained from Head Office – please call us on 01780 784631.

Getting into Contracting

Agricultural contracting is an industry full of innovative individuals, always looking for the next opportunity, whilst supplying farmers with a source of skilled labour, high capital cost machinery and professional services, effectively operating as ‘farmers without land’.   It is estimated that 91% of UK farms now use a contractor, with National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) figures suggesting that contractors apply […]

No Excuses  – When it comes to Safety

No Excuses  – When it comes to Safety Time never stands still for agricultural contractors. The British weather keeps them under constant pressure and there is always another customer waiting for them to arrive. Maintaining a professional service can be difficult when working long hours, whilst managing a team of operators working in a variety […]

Charles Baker – New NAAC Chairman

Charles Baker – New NAAC Chairman   Looking ahead and seeking new opportunities has been key to Oxfordshire-based contractor Charles Baker’s business and, as newly voted in Chairman of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC), his forward-thinking approach will be vital in tackling the current challenges facing the industry.   ‘In my term, my […]

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Contractors

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) is calling upon all agricultural contractors to help influence Defra and get recognition in future agricultural policy, unlocking potential funding to help business have a more stable future.  Commenting, Jill Hewitt, NAAC said, ‘For years, contractors have been specifically excluded from most agricultural funding under EU law and therefore unable to access […]

NAAC announces speakers for Contractor 2017

The NAAC has announced its speakers for Contractor 2017, to be held on 14th December at the Peterborough Showground. The Contractor 2017 event is being held in partnership with John Deere and is the only national event for the professional land-based contractor.

Urging all UK Contractors

I urge all UK contractors to come along to Contractor 2017 on 14th December 2017 at Peterborough Showground and join us at the only event focussed entirely on agricultural contractors. We may be ‘Farming’s Best Kept Secret’, but we must not be kept hidden away or be forgotten about when it comes to farming policy, industry […]

NAAC announces John Deere as new partner for Contractor 2017

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) is delighted to announce John Deere as a new partner for its national conference and exhibition, Contractor 2017, being held at the East of England Showground on Thursday 14th December 2017. The event, aimed specifically at contractors, will address the important role that this sector plays in the industry […]