1. Membership
    • NAAC Membership is based on company turnover from contracting, as presented in the current year’s membership subscription form (available on request from the NAAC office)
    • Membership is annual and runs from the date of joining.
    • Payment can be made by direct debit or BACS transfer.
    • Membership fees are non-refundable once paid.
    • New members can be accepted as full NAAC Members provided they have submitted:
  • Fully completed membership application form (including a signature that they will abide by the NAAC’s Code of Conduct for Members);
  • Full annual subscription fee, or direct debit form completed;
  • Proof of insurance details (in compliance with the NAAC’s Code of Conduct for Members)
    • On joining, the NAAC will contact the new member’s insurance company to confirm insurance is in place. On-going members are spot-checked.
  1. Benefits
    • A list of current membership benefits is available on request from the NAAC office or on the NAAC website at naac.co.uk
    • Benefits and services may change in order to meet the best needs of members. Where possible, members will be given advance notice of any changes.
    • Benefits, including use of the NAAC logo, are only available to members whilst a subscription is in place.
  1. Standards
    • All members must abide by the NAAC Code of Conduct for Members at all times.
    • Failure to comply with the Code may result in termination of membership (see 6).
  1. Renewals
    • The renewal fee is due within 30 days of invoice. Invoices are raised at the end of a calendar year of membership.
    • Renewal requires that members complete an annual declaration confirming sign up to the NAAC Code of Conduct for Members, confirmation of insurance and turnover, plus payment.
    • It is the responsibility of the Member to update the NAAC with any changes to circumstances or contact details, in particular any issues likely to affect their ability to comply with the NAAC Code of Conduct for Members.
    • The NAAC accepts member declarations in good faith and cannot be held responsible for any consequence of inaccurate or false information provided.
    • Late payment of renewal fees after 30 November may result in an administration fee being payable (currently £20).
  1. Resignation of Membership
    • Any members wishing to resign from membership must provide notice in writing to the NAAC office.
    • Member benefits, including use of the NAAC logo, cease on the last day of membership.
    • The NAAC reserves the right to enforce removal of logos or misuse of logos (as a breach of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008).
  1. Termination of Membership
    • The NAAC may terminate membership if the appropriate subscription is not received within an agreed timescale; or if conditions under the NAAC Articles of Association are met for termination of membership (a copy of the full NAAC Articles of Association is available on request from the NAAC office).
  1. Associate Membership

7.1 Honorary Members of the NAAC will not pay a subscription and may be awarded membership at the discretion of the Board. They can attend NAAC meetings but are not entitled to vote. Honorary Members shall however be entitled to all other privileges of Members.

  1. Corporate Partners

8.1 Corporate Partners pay an annual membership and can attend NAAC meetings but are not entitled to vote. They are entitled to all other privileges of Members and points 5 & 6 above apply).