To help make it a little clearer and a lot easier, we have developed the NAAC Health and Safety Manual to help guide you through the basics of getting it right. In it we to provide you with many of the basic tools you need to help develop an active health and safety management system for your business.

The manual includes a comprehensive set of information specifically aimed at land-based contractors:

  • Access to a basic set of documentation (including straightforward guidance notes), available through the NAAC members only area of the website.
  • Online support (via telephone and e-mail) from a qualified health and safety professional familiar with the land-based industries;
  • Regular updates on legislative changes and other changes.
  • Access to updated documents via the Internet.

However, every business is different and you will need to take some of the documents included in the package and adapt them to suit the needs of your own activities and work practices. The guidance notes help you do this.

We have Jonathan Stockley, an expert consultant in land-based health and safety, working for members on this project. If Members want him to do a full assessment of their business, this may be possible at an additional cost.

… and the benefits to you and your business?

  • Improved compliance with legislation.
  • Your legal duties to look after yourself and others will be better met.
  • Reduced risk of accidents, incidents or work-related ill health and the consequent loss of time, including that needed for incident investigation.
  • Improved ability to mount a credible defence in the event of legal action being brought against you.
  • Reduced costs of repairs to vehicles, equipment and facilities.
  • Fewer insurance claims.
  • Better record with your insurers.
  • Compliance with the health and safety aspects of the NAAC Code of Conduct and industry quality assurance schemes.
  • The display of a greater degree of professionalism resulting in better business and personal reputations.
  • Greater involvement of, and co-operation from, your staff in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Happier, more motivated employees with consequent reduction in staff turnover and time off “sick”
  • Fewer problems and less wasted time; your moral duties to look after yourself and others will be better met.
  • Personal peace of mind.



This package is ONLY available to NAAC Members

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