Module of the ALBC Agricultural Operations Scheme

Quality control and traceability are essential elements when applying materials to agricultural land, and the NAAC has taken a proactive role in establishing an independently audited quality standard for material spreading contractors.

Spreading contractors and their customers must co-operate to ensure safe, traceable spreading of material such as slurry, manure and digestate. This Scheme offers customers genuine assurance about the activity of contractors.

The NAAC’s Spreading Materials to Agricultural Land standard is a module to the Agricultural Operations Scheme, and therefore the   contractor must also have been assessed against the NAAC Assured Land-Based Contractor (Generic) Standard, and the Agricultural Operations standard before certification can be granted.

The module applies to contractors who spread materials to agricultural land, including slurry and manure, sewage sludge and waste materials, when used in accordance with relevant regulations.

The NAAC scheme is designed to help contractors involved in the spreading of material to agricultural land to identify the hazards and critical control points of the spreading process. The scheme aims to help the person(s) spreading materials to fully understand, and to be able to show full understanding of, best practice, health and safety, bio-security and the control points of that process including:

  • Both contractors and land owners understand their responsibilities;
  • Personnel involved in the spreading of materials are suitably skilled and aware of any regulations and guidelines surrounding these materials;
  • Spreading equipment/vehicles are regularly and appropriately maintained and cleaned;
  • Hazards and risks are identified and controlled to prevent endangering human or animal health, adversely affecting the environment or causing public nuisance.

The scheme will establish a framework of good and safe working practices to be verified by independent external assessors that will enable members of the scheme to produce a safe, fully traceable service to meet requirements of national farm assurance schemes.

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