What do we do for agricultural contractors?

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) is the only trade association to represent the interests of land-based contractors and fight their corner in Westminster and across the industry to ensure recognition of the sector. NAAC recognises that contractors have become an integral and vital part of UK agriculture, with many farmers struggling to operate without them. Contractors are land managers, advisors and protectors of the countryside. They are providers of skilled labour and suppliers of high capital cost machinery and professional services. Our members are professional and well-informed with access to the latest information and advice.


The NAAC fights to ensure that contractors are represented at the highest level in UK Governments and within industry.


Members are listed in the NAAC's online Find a Contractor database, and can use our logo and membership to prove professionalism.


Members have access to a specialist health and safety package, focused insurance scheme and an online Jobs Board.


We provide members with a regular Bulletin packed full of news and information, plus business guides and templates, events and discussion groups. Members can get a free subscribtion to Farm Contractor magazine.


Members get first base free advice via our legal, employment, transport and health and safety helplines.

Pricing guide

Each year the NAAC publishes its guide for contracting prices, to help set a benchmark within the industry.

A bit more about our work...

  • NAAC is the only organisation to represent agricultural contractors in the UK
  • Established in 1893, we are dedicated to supporting and advising the contracting sector
  • 48% of members have been members for over 10 years, and new members join regularly as they realise the importance of proving their professionalism
  • NAAC attends more than 100 meetings each year to ensure that contractors have a voice at the highest levels of government and within the industry

Find a contractor

91% of farmers use a contractor. Are you looking for a contractor who is professional and well informed? Search our database.

Become a member

Become a member to prove you are a professional and keep up to date with technology, information and legislation. 

“The NAAC is proactive in representing contractors’ interests at the top level in Government and across the land-based industry, making certain their voice is heard and that they can operate their businesses professionally and without unnecessary burden”.

Jill Hewitt, NAAC's Chief Executive