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It is vital for professional contractors to have safety as a top priority to protect themselves, their employees and customers. It is a legal and moral duty to look after the health and safety of everyone involved in your business, and if you have 5 or more employees, the policy must be written down. NAAC members have free access to an online Safety Management Manual, saving them thousands of pounds and many hours spent in the office.

NAAC - NFU Safety Partnership Checklist

Farmers and contractors need to work together to ensure that safety management is a priority while contractors are on farm. Both parties will have duties under health and safety law, and open communication is essential to ensure that everyone is fully aware of their responsibilities to protect staff and the public. 

This checklist, put together by the NAAC and NFU, lists what farmers need to look for when selecting a contractor to work with, what farmers must provide the contractors with, and what both parties must agree on before work starts.

Download your checklist here:

Farm Safety Partnership webinar: Pre-Harvest Safety, 25 May 2022

NAAC Safety Management Manual

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The purpose of the NAAC Safety Management Manual is to provide easy access to guidance notes, web links and templates to download and customise to your business. Members can go through this online Safety Management Manual step by step: start at the beginning, print out the checklist, read the notes and information, download and fill in the relevant templates and create your own personalised manual that all staff and workers can access easily.


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Useful resources

This page has links to Health and Safety Executive (and other) guidance on all aspects of safety.

Making your policy

Find out what to include in your policy and download a sample for you to personalise to your business.

Planning and organising

Who is responsible for the overall plan, and the individual activities? Start planning and organising.

Method statements

Download a template method statement and describe how each job will be completed safely.

Risk assessments

Find out how to identify and control risks, and how to assess risk, with templates for you to download.

Emergency procedures

Get your emergency procedures ready, using our templates for fire, accidents, hazards and pesticides.

Hazardous substances

Consider whether you need to carry out CoSHH assessments, and see an example assessment.

Staff safety
& employment

Download useful documents for induction, pre-employment health check and the issue of PPE.

Transport safety

Use the inspection record template to ensure that all vehicles and machinery are fit for purpose.


Go here for 10-minute training sessions on various subjects. Use these for new starter inductions, and for job training.


Learn about active and reactive systems for monitoring, and carry out a formal review of your policy.

If you are a member log in to the Members Area and start working on your own safety manual today. 

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