Assured land-based contractors scheme

Prove your professionalism

Become an Assured Land-based Contractor (ALBC) and demonstrate to your customers that you are a professional.

The ALBC scheme is an independently audited set of standards, with quality control and traceability as essential elements. Being a member of ALBC provides customers with genuine assurance that the contractor’s work is carried out in a safe, professional and traceable way.

The NAAC runs a successfully adopted scheme for mobile feed milling and mixing contractors, and also a Post-Harvest Application Scheme – both of which have helped to increase professionalism and boost industry stewardship. They are both recognised by Red Tractor. The NAAC also runs an agricultural operation (including slurry spreading) and mobile seed processing standard (Verified Seed).

To become assured, contractors have to meet the criteria of a generic standard, followed by gaining assurance in one of 4 sector standards: verified seed processing, mobile feed milling and mixing, potato treatment or agricultural operations.