Contracting prices survey

Contracting Prices Survey 2022-23

The NAAC Contracting Prices Survey provides the UK national average prices, to help benchmarking for contractors and farmers.

About the NAAC Contracting Prices Survey

A new survey of contracting prices for 2022-23 has been published by the National Association of Agricultural Contractors, giving a UK national average to help contractors and farmers benchmark when working out their individual costings for an operation.

It certainly wasn’t easy to get this one together, with diesel prices escalating and fluctuating, but we are aware that so many people in the industry use the prices we publish as a benchmark.

We encourage you to use an NAAC member for your work, as our members are professional, well informed and have access to safety management and a contractors costing tool, which helps members to accurately work out the prices they need to charge for their work.

We’ve highlighted in this year’s prices that they are likely to vary and that fuel surcharges may be added.

Download your copy here. Average prices have risen across the board.

Download the 2022-23 survey here

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