Agricultural operations

Contractors are innovators

The NAAC continues to lobby Government to recognise the important contribution that land-based contractors make to the future of UK agriculture.

Contractors are innovators and can bring forward practical application of new techniques and technology, not only improving efficiency but also bringing environmental benefits to soil management, water protection, and greenhouse gas emissions, alongside machinery development and public safety. The NAAC continues to lobby Government to recognise this important contribution to the future of UK agriculture.

Pesticides and IPM

Slurry application

The NAAC represents the contracting industry on the Voluntary Initiative (VI) steering and strategy group which assists Government in the implementation of pesticide legislation in an industry lead way. A representative also sits on the Pesticides Forum, which reviews Government Policy on pesticides. NAAC also hold places on the BASIS and NR0SO Boards.

The majority of slurry is applied by contractors and the NAAC is working with Government across the UK to find positive, proactive solutions to assist in reduced ammonia emissions, whilst protecting water and air quality.

Environmental awareness

Sustainable soil management, biodiversity and ‘public money for public goods’ are all now intertwining into farm management and an environmental conscience will not only be a moral responsibility but will be a source of farm income. Contractors have a vital role to play in being fully informed, taking responsibility and opportunities to ensure environmental goals can be met by individual farmers and the nation.

Carbon foot printing will become integral to land-management and contractors have a role to play in minimising emissions and supporting productive land managers.

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