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Contractors have become an integral and vital part of UK agriculture, and the NAAC represents their interests across the industry.

Where does the NAAC make an impact?

Agricultural operations

Contractors are innovators and can bring forward practical application of new techniques and technology. Areas the NAAC is involved in include the responsible use of pesticides, responsible management of slurry and waste, responsible use of inputs and soil management, biodiversity, carbon footprint and sustainability.

Land drainage

Providing training and promoting professional drainage contractors.


Providing high animal welfare in livestock contracting.


Supporting legal and professional businesses both on and off the road. For example, the NAAC defends the use of red diesel by agricultural contractors and we are involved in vehicle safety and roadworthiness.

Mobile feed milling

Protecting and promoting the professionalism and quality of on-farm feed processing.

Mobile seed cleaning

Protecting and promoting the professionalism and quality of on-farm seed processing, plus managing the Royalty Scheme with BSPB.


Promoting professionalism in the amenity sector, via representation on the Amenity Forum and the VI.

Potato Post Harvest Treatment

With the loss of Chlorpropham (or CIPC), the Post-Harvest Treatment Group (PHTG) applies equivalent stewardship and quality control to any new products coming onto the market to replace CIPC. Essential elements of applying sprout suppressant products are: quality control, safety, professionalism and traceability.

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